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  •  Best locations in the world    

  • High-quality materials and skillful craftsmanship

  • Large and comfortable living spaces

  • Reliable investment and professional advice

  • Beautiful Design combined with hi-tech services

  • Successful on-time delivery with commitment to details     

CB Group Developers is an innovative real estate development company with an unwavering commitment and passion for developing high quality, uniquely designed Commercial buildings. 


Founded by Chris Bosch in 2014, He specializes in the development of ground-up commercial projects all round the globe. With years of experience, His company has forged genuine partnerships with top suppliers, contractors, and leading architects.


The firm has a keen eye for detail, understands all faces of development, and is hands-on throughout every aspect of the process from beginning to end. Today, Chris Bosh continues to develop beautifully designed and steadfast buildings that achieve the highest performing results.

CB Group Developers takes pride in its ability to foresee up-and-coming neighborhoods and to identify development opportunities before the rest of the market catches on. The firm endeavors to stay ahead of market trends and is in constant pursuit of innovation.  Chris adheres to a uniquely hands-on approach to real estate development, which results in remarkably refined buildings that continue to outperform the competition.

Chris Bosch strives to develop timeless, savvy, and financially successful buildings that cater to the demands of the ever-changing real estate market all round the globe. The firm collaborates with leading architects, designers, and builders to ensure each development is distinctive and successful.

Call us! 970-716-3600

CB Group Developers strives to develop timeless,  savvy and financially successful commercial buildings that caters to the demands of ever changing real estate market around the globe

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I have worked with CB Group Developers and appreciate their “can do” attitude towards getting a development project complete. CB Group Developers was methodical in their approach to the business and they looked for the win-win proposition when faced with a business dilemma. Additionally, Chris Bosch team was always prompt in their responses and followed thru on their commitments. I would not hesitate about doing business with them again on future development projects.

- Tina & James Heart

My working experience in working with the Chris Bosch has been outstanding. The communication chain between his architect and consultants was exceptional. I look forward to working with Chris Bosch and his team in the future and I wish that we had more clients like them. Five Stars!!

- Mary van den Reich

I have almost 20 years of experience in working with and for real estate developers and I firmly believe the CB Group Developers team is unrivaled in knowledge, attention to detail, execution, and above all integrity. The commitment and transparency Chris Bosch shows to its tenant clients is simply amazing. There are none better at their craft than CB Group Developers

- Paul & Susan Taylor

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